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You’ll never read anything more honest than this.

We don’t have political problems, Friends, we have human problems. We are privileged with the responsibility of choosing our own leaders, so doesn’t it stand to reason that our leaders reflect the kind of people we are? That should scare the hell out of you right now.

The overt hate, selfishness, ignorance and general shamelessness that permeates American politics right has so many of us pointing fingers at our neighbors. The powers that be are well served by the distraction created when we turn on each other instead of turning toward them to see where the blame truly belongs.

What we must first do is turn inward, and evaluate the moral and ethical shortcomings within ourselves that not only allow this wretched state of the Union to exist, but nurture it like a favored parasite.

We have to get really honest with ourselves about the lies we’ve decided to get comfortable with because they support a prejudice or a grudge that we want to justify.

We have to jump off the bandwagon of discrediting the experiences of people who are of other colors, ethnicities, religions and social classes, and own that our denial of the well-documented, systematic injustice and that holds them back makes us complicit in their oppression.

We have to acknowledge that America does have a class system, and that what we think we know about those different from us, may be based on a convenient lie.

We must stop pretending that our hatred and prejudices are some kind of code of ethics, and realize that morality is something we are to measure our own character by, not something to impose on others and then excuse our bad behavior with their perceived failures.

We have to stop degrading our neighbors who depend on government assistance, as though they don’t pay taxes or have anything to offer society, as though everyone in this country actually has equal opportunity to improve their situations, and that sexism, racism and greed never contribute to poverty.

We must discard the notion that our country is inherently superior, and realize that it merely has the potential to be. It’s up to us to insist that potential is reached. This self-delusion will only make us blind to the problems that will ultimately destroy us, like doting parents ignoring the misdeeds of a beloved, spoiled child. It’s easier to be defensive or offended than it is to admit you just don’t want to acknowledge there is something wrong.

Those of you who are still insisting that this country was founded on Christian principles have to get serious about the glaring discrepancies between what you honestly know of Christ and the policies and politicians you support.

The only way things will ever get better is if decided to be better people, and take responsibility for making sure our policies, and the people who make and enforce them reflect that.

The one about that cop…

I have nothing but respect for the spirit of law enforcement. They’re subject to danger, sacrifice and often witness humanity at its lowest. I’ve heard it argued in recent months it’s that constant exposure to negativity that turns some cops bad. I suspect there’s some truth to that, but power and authority are often magnets for the kind of person who will abuse them. That person would still be a bully in any station or scenario life leads them to.

 I recently had my own (extremely minor) altercation with a local policeman who got very tyrannical with me very quickly. Of course I was never in fear for my life, because I’m the whitest white girl ever (not to mention the least threatening). Still I can’t describe the intense feeling of vulnerability and injustice that came over me and still hasn’t left. I won’t judge his colleagues by his behavior, but my trust and respect won’t be automatic anymore.
I’m concerned about what might happen when that officer is called upon to interact with someone who is not a white girl in a wheelchair.
Race isn’t the only factor in police misconduct, but it’s past time to stop denying it’s a big one. A exasperatingly over simplified “info graphic” about how color has nothing to do with the alarming number of people killed in police custody has shown up on my Facebook page six times in less than a week. Every single time, it’s posted by a white man. These are good men who I dearly love, but like so many others they’re blinded by their fortunate position. As with every other brand of discrimination, the only ones who think it’s NOT a problem (or even a possibility) are the ones who aren’t affected. If you guys would learn to put yourselves in someone else’s shoes, it would CHANGE the world!
I’m sincerely sorry for all the honorable cops. It seems like it would be in their best interest to weed out guys like that. Maybe the job attracts narcissists, or maybe it breeds them. It’s a purely academic, chicken vs. egg conversation that will always circle back to the same problem:  destruction is inevitable for a society that can’t trust those who swear to “serve and protect” them.
Read between the lines of political agenda, and do the math of history and experience. Take an honest look at the statistics. It all adds up to gross injustice in a country that claims “justice for all”. If you can do that and still say color doesn’t matter, it’s not because you’re ignorant, it’s because you’re not comfortable with the prejudice you harbor, but you’re not willing to let it go.