Hound’s Tooth Scarf

I stepped out of my brightly-colored box on this one. It was a gift for a former coworker. I I did enjoy how using a limited color pallet and smooth, consistent yarn simplified the loom-warping and weaving process.



The pineapple pattern is probably my all-time favorite. “Pineapple” refers to a traditional crochet technique that uses chains and clusters of stitches to make openwork that resembles the fruit. It’s one of my favorites, because it reminds me of the doilies my Granny used to make. I really like the idea of recreating traditional patters in chunky or textured yarns in bright colors instead of the plain #10 cotton thread often used. IMG_0003

Are those tiny flames?

Tiny Flames SUQUAREThis is an old drawing I just added a digital background to. It’s a little messy, and the shape is weird, but it’s one of my favorites. I love the color combinations and sad attempts at shading. I think this was around the time I discovered alcohol-based markers, but before I noticed that blending is a thing. It’s nice to see my skills have improved.

A Few of My Favorite Things

This is my happy place! You can’t beat time spent with a perfect latte and art supplies. I think this was when I started taking gel pens seriously.

A Dear Companion

coffee-dreams-origional555555This is one of my first drawings, in recent years anyway. It’s a memorial to my favorite mug. As an enthusiastic coffee drinker, I enjoyed it immensely for about 10 years. It survived all my unsteadiness and several moves before crashing to an untimely death from a pantry shelf. It was gruesome. In my grief, I gathered the shards of my shattered mug and broken heart, and placed them in the back of the cupboard as though they might magically reconstitute someday. May months later, I took a hammer to them and used them to decorate concrete pavers for my patio. Ashes to ashes.


Element Coffee Facebook Banner

Mike Colston, the proprietor  of Element Coffee and my good friend, passed away last spring. Asa little art therapy,I created a new banner for the Element Facebook Page. I plan on eventually getting the leaves and coffee cherry tattooed in memory of Mike and everything that Element represented.