Will Work for Dignity

There’s a look I often get when entering a room full of strangers, particularly for a job interview. I politely pretend not to notice while they mentally adjust to my admitted awkwardness. I see their brains churn as they strain to recall all the laws and best practices they think will keep me from suing them […]

The one about that cop…

I have nothing but respect for the spirit of law enforcement. They’re subject to danger, sacrifice and often witness humanity at its lowest. I’ve heard it argued in recent months it’s that constant exposure to negativity that turns some cops bad. I suspect there’s some truth to that, but power and authority are often magnets […]

5 Suggested “Value Tales”

My Grandmama read “Value Tales” to me when I was little. There’s a whole set of them. Each story is about how real, historic figures and their theme-appropriate imaginary friends demonstrated a specific value like honesty, kindness, determination, etc. I’ve lived a little now, and had the chance to apply some of those lessons and […]

The A.D.A doesn’t cover that.

Yesterday was the 25th anniversary of the American’s with Disabilities Act. Like every law written and enforced by flawed human beings it could use some serious tweaking, but it’s important for you to understand it’s the only thing that gives people with disabilities a decent shot at participating in public life. I was 11 years […]