Amanda Frazier Timpson

Beware of the false bottom!

If our society was a work of literature, it would consist of about 98% long, rambling run-on sentences about division, oppression and all the worst things human beings do to each other. There would be page upon page about what one side wants and why the other side doesn’t think they should have it, followed by heated commentary from people who can’t seem to put themselves in another person’s shoes well enough to know what they’re talking about.

The other 2% would be beautifully bold statements about when we finally got it right, underlined with the blood, sweat and tears of those who labored sacrificially to make it happen and highlighted with the joy the of ones whose lives and will be forever changed because of it, radiating out to give support and inspiration to future generations.

The most important thing to remember is it’s all a fallacy, an insidious, systemic lie we’ve been told for so long our world view has grown up around it. The absolute truth is this: The only difference between one human and another is the content of our character, but some crave power so much they just have to be on top. It’s not possible to have a top without a bottom, so they find ways (bullying, harassment, violence, abuse, unjust laws and policies, etc.) to scoop any solid ground out from under their peers, and then try to convince everyone they deserved it.

We should be careful to never take our progress for granted or forget that we don’t stop being equal in the spaces between accomplishments. Inequality is a fallacy, an evil lie perpetuated by those who desperately want to preserve the status quo that severs them so well.





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