Do you know your neighbors?

Mr. Rogers had a life-altering impact on me. I’m a 38-year-old woman with cerebral palsy. I’m not necessarily what most people associate with CP. I can walk and participated in mainstream public schooling as a child, but having a disability definitely played a formative role in shaping my life and the person I am. My […]

I’m not sick!

I had a fairly deep conversation with myself this morning, over a steaming sink of dirty dishes. I realized myself was making a pretty decent point, so I decided to let you in on the chat. I grew up in a church that subscribes to practice of the laying on of hands in prayer for […]

Are you an ableist?

Recently, someone questioned my use of the word “ableism” to describe society’s tendency to favor typical people over those with disabilities. It’s a real thing, y’all. For example, everyone can use a ramp (including people with handcarts, strollers, etc) but only the able-bodied can use stairs. In spite of this obvious fact, stairs are the […]

Acceptance & Independence

* I’m not sure of the exact date, but I remember the moment. The following post is a throwback, written within my first couple years of living in California. It was a bittersweet time filled with life-changing revelations. This is one of the happiest: I was just thinking of all the friends over the years, […]

Will Work for Dignity

There’s a look I often get when entering a room full of strangers, particularly for a job interview. I politely pretend not to notice while they mentally adjust to my admitted awkwardness. I see their brains churn as they strain to recall all the laws and best practices they think will keep me from suing them […]