Oh Say Can’t You See what’s going on here?

To pray To propose To show reverence To beg Every single one of these activities involve getting down on one’s knees, and not one of them is associated with arrogence or disrespect.. In fact, just the opposite. Unless you’re not white, then how dare you envoke a humble gesture to respect a symbol of our […]

Your alarm is going off.

Writers’ block tries to get at you like hypothermia. You cycle through bouts of determination and frustration until y`ou become lulled into a warm, sleepy complacency and almost convince yourself that you don’t even want to be a writer that badly, and you’re totally fine with sliding through life being a regular person who never […]

Do you know your neighbors?

Mr. Rogers had a life-altering impact on me. I’m a 38-year-old woman with cerebral palsy. I’m not necessarily what most people associate with CP. I can walk and participated in mainstream public schooling as a child, but having a disability definitely played a formative role in shaping my life and the person I am. My […]

Ok, but why?

There’s always a reason for how things are, and it almost always falls into one of these categories:   1. It’s a good reason, and you need to understand it before you go messing things up.   I remember hearing something once about not tearing down fences until you know where all the cows are […]

Come on, be real with me.

I got my first visible tattoo recently, and interesting assumptions were made. Assumptions about my lifestyle, my priorities, the salvation of my soul, you get the idea. Few of these concerns were voiced directly to me, of course, but the ones that were all mentioned how I’ve “changed”. There was a time I would have […]